Kayaking First Aid: Before Going on a Kayak Race…


It’s exciting to go on your first kayak race or jump into a boat initially. If you won’t prepare for it, though, you’re not going to have a pleasant time. You should really give some thought into buying safety gear for when you jump into the water, then.

Safe Kayaking

Whether you’re into competitive or recreational kayaking, do consider buying these:

  • Helmets are, first and foremost, a safety gear. You shouldn’t really look at it fashionably at first. Make sure it’s sturdy enough; the fashion bit should come after.
  • Personal Flotation Device. If it’s a type III, the better. These wouldn’t look like your typical life vest. That’s how you’re sure you’re buying a true-enough life vests.
  • Wet shoes. You can save more when you buy an open-toed sandal. For walking on the rocky surfaces of a riverbed or the unsure bottom of the sea, wet shoes are better shoes.
  • Spare paddle. This is for emergency purposes. You don’t want to get stuck up a creek without a paddle, wouldn’t you? You can also use this if you think your stock paddle just isn’t cutting it during a competition, if you like.
  • First aid kit. You never know what might happen on a river or in the sea. Therefore, having a first aid kit is a great investment in any situation.
  • Dry bag. When you’re kayaking and in the heat of the competition, you wouldn’t want the dryness of your change of clothes to be your focus. A dry bag helps you concentrate better by keeping worries like this off your mind.

Eyes on the Prize

Even if you’re a beginner or a seasoned kayaker, it would do you good to consult this list from time to time. You never know whether you’ve forgotten something, or if you need a worthy refresher course on the things to bring.

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